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I officially graduate….Yay!

Hi my friend who is reading this blog,

Here I am to announce you one of the milestones in my life, the graduation from a master degree in marketing in the U.S. It is amazing to retrospect up and down moments that I have spent 3 years in this country to complete my graduate program.

Graduate quote

Have you ever wondered what I have learned and earned so far from the program? Academic knowledge and some soft skills? Yes, of course. Friendship? Yes, absolutely. Tears and Laughters? For sure. Unique experiences in my life with the weather? Yes. #BeenThereDoneThat. Woot woot.

As Neil Patel mentioned in the interview on jobshadow.com, sometimes he got used to the dislike of a large number of works within hours and sometimes this burned him down. But he learned to never quit. Likewise, spending hours in a locked room doing researches, assignments, projects or going to school in snowy, foggy and freezing days requires more patience, consistency and high determination than I expected. In some situations, it drove me nuts and made me look stupid. However, thanks for my family members, professors, academic and career advisors and friends who shared the happy and/or difficult moments with me, trust me, and always stay by my side. I appreciate that.

From now on, I look forward to more amazing things that will happen to my professional as well as my personal life. Before arriving in the U.S, I spent time on wondering about zero experience. Now, I find myself fascinated by discovering other corners of this interesting land.

To close this announcement, I just received a denial email from a company. Now, you may laugh and think how awkward I am to say it out loud instead of keeping it a secret. You might right, but…I learn from the bottom of my heart that the game is just started and my job is to work harder for another good search. Working hard will pay me well. What I want is just a wish to have a clear mind under circumstances.

Again, thank you so much, my friend, who are always next to me when I am in need.

Oh and…I cannot wait to get back to the busy feeling and this kind of complaint. Seriously, I miss it.

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Peace (/Be) kind.


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Social Media Security – Protect Yourself


Warning: I don’t have a perfect formula for everyone; the success lays on what you do instead.

So, before spending more 15 minutes to read further, let’s have a look at this question and give yourself the honest answer: “What is social media?”

  1. I gave it a try and found this is a dangerous world.
  2. Does it include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, etc.?
  3. I have accounts on listed channels, and I customized it for my family and friends only.
  4. I aware how important it is to present my personal brand on social media channels, and I work my ass off to make benefits from it.

If your answer is 1, it’s never too late to figure out how this world means to you as much as how you used to look for who you are in the physical world. Before leaving this post, you will know at least the beneficial usage of social media and how to protect your privacy in the virtual world and to maintain those benefits. And, if your answer is 2, welcome to the new world with hundreds and thousands of interesting benefits. However, you may need more ways to protect yourself and your beloved people in this world. No worries. As long as you realize whether your life is online or offline, there are similar principles and etiquettes. Any one has benefits from what you give to the community. If your answer is 3, you’re definitely a digital native and your life is shining in both worlds. Believe it or not, most of the recruiters will “google” your (full) name before they make any further decision. Finally, if your answer is 4, let’s share some stories of yours in the comment below.

Until now, people wonder whether they should behave separately from social media and real life. My answer is Yes and No. When the technology was born, it broke the dawn of the world as if the earth was firstly called spherical by Pythagoras. No one believed the earth is round at the beginning. Yes, technology is not only a tool, but a door opens to – what I call – the global connecting world (more opportunities and more challenges).

To simplify, I consider my social media channels as places where information is exchanged to nurture and develop my friendship and other connections in my life. Sounds pretty much like my home, doesn’t it? And if every channel is my home, I expect to know who visits it, where they are from, or what they visit for. As a consequence, my home must be a place where my family and I feel the most comfortable to stay at. Invite those to visit when they are trustworthy by adding friends carefully. When to say no, say no. The neglect to social media security is one of the reasons leading to ID thieves, phishing scams, viruses, or spyware.

For personal accounts

Check your homepage as frequently as you can before posting something. Flipboard can help you manage the accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin as well as update news such as NY Times, Fast company, ect. Then, read things that you want to share and “judge” their reliability before posting them. Ask yourself what you really want to show to your friends and connections. Don’t try to run away from the curiosity of the others; instead trace them up by building a consistent image. What do you think when one day you see photos I am surrounded by half naked guys and another day my duck face is next to a beer bottle? I will tell you those photos look so lame. Next, when your friends send you messages including links, ask them to confirm with a couple of questions and treat those links as much as you often do to those in the email. Turn on and customize/filter your notification. But, too many notifications (e.g. 20 notifications per 1 minutes) will overwhelm your life. Finally, never close the tab without the logout, except that is your personal devices with double password layers for important channels. For further tips for using social media, you can find at this article: 11 tips for social networking safety

For business brand

I prefer having a social media handbook ready in hand during the training section before I go an extra mile. Again, let’s picture an organization’s compiled accounts as a house in which each individual has his or her own styles to conduct one simple task. I myself don’t encourage businesses to ban social media at workplace for the sake of their efficiency. People have needs of connections and entertainment. Likewise, you cannot prevent the others to steps in their house when the house is visited by many people. Instead, employees should aware of the time to use social media for their entertaining purpose during the breaks. For the specific industry such as banking, the privacy settings is the priority. Robert Siciliano shared a story about the robbery in which the robbers tracked a bank teller’s social media cites to figured out her husband’s office hours.

Besides scheduling the post, tracking the attention, using keywords, tags to reach the target audiences, marketers should treat the organization’s brand as cautious as the personal brand. What I mean is the corporate posting devices should be isolated from the personal posting ones. Additionally, if you don’t want the public see mistakes in content, run the demo versions, and send them out to the team or yourself first. This is how I decide to spend additional 1 -2 minutes on checking the post than days and nights on dealing with crisis.

Those are some simple ways to protect your brand in social media. Now, pick up your device and start to set your own privacy. Good luck!

P.S Here are some interesting steps for you to track down your Facebook account’s visitors. Have fun. Cheers!

  1. Log in your account
  2. View page source
  3. Find “top.list” and see list of digits (e.g. 1000xxxxxxx3509) separated by commas and paste them like this example facebook.com/1000xxxxxxx3509
  4. It might took some time, but enjoy the moment when recognizing those visiting your “home” regular to maintain the relationship

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Social Media

Customer Service and Communication Case – AT&T®

Issue and scenario

I cannot change my shipping address. It’s said that the shipping address has to be the same as the billing address because of the security concern. Before the order was placed, I felt confused and decided to live chat with an AT&T® representative. The offer to live chat popped up on the corner before I had finished my order. The representative told me to complete my order and sent her confirmation number to help me change the shipping address later. Then, the representative explained that the order is being processed, so she could not do anything to change the address. S/he told me to call the customer service center after 45 minutes to ask for the help. I gave a shot to the customer center and a guy gave me another number, which belongs to the sale team. A lady picked up my phone and confirmed she could not change the shipping address and suggested to cancel the order. Then, she said she could not cancel the order since the order was sent out already. ‘You can wait until there is a tracking number from the carrier and ask them to return the product to us.’, she said. Again, I was confused and asked her why the order was in progress status and she cannot cancel my order. She kept saying she could not do anything and I should wait for the tracking number to send the sim back. I felt frustrated and wondered what I should do. So, I did contact my friend and asked her to help me keep an eye on the address that I just moved out. How lucky I am!

Where did the issue come from?

There are a couple of reasons. The first reason is the limit in #flexibility. There are numerous ways to improve the security. A generated frustration cannot improve the security level. Plus, I used to place online orders for different websites and updating billing and shipping information during the order process is super easy. Secondly, there is the #ethical issue in sales team. Instead of searching for the confirmation and the number of phone calls, telemarketers and salespeople should be aware of the potential frustration and expect the return of the customers instead of the products. When the representative (no matter who) passes the #responsibility to solve the problem to the customers, please expect a goodbye from them. Finally, the solution is an #effective solution only when it stops the customers’ concern and earns their satisfaction. When the solution leads to nowhere and/or generate more doubts and questions, the negative ranking reviews will increase for sure.

What did it cost?

I lost my temper, time, money and my trust to AT&T®. If you say, haters are going to hate. Sorry, in my case, I used to be one of AT&T®’s GoPhone® customers and I liked its service. Why? I appreciated the enthusiasm of the salesperson, and fast delivery service. I did believe the representative could do what she said. However, now AT&T® just earns another un-subscriber in its list. The competition is harsh, so one mistake can kill the B2C relationship very quickly.

Can the situation be more interesting?

Yeah, it might. Imagine I ordered something more valuable, for example, an iPhone® 6 from AT&T®. Imagine my friend lived far away from the shipping location. Imagine I returned the mailbox key to the landlord already.

So now, with that scenario, what are you going to do? Do you have any suggestion for AT&T®?

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#WorldCup 2014 in Brazil

It is popular that #Brazil is passionate for being a host of FIFA World Cup this year. In 2010, the World Cup anthem is Waca Waca (This Time for Africa) by Shakira  and this year, it is Ole Ola (We are One) by Pitpull, Jenifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte. Google Doodle also launches different Google logo to support matches. Mashable also launched the World Cup 2014 Preview Hang Out on March 13, 2014. There is a story about a group of 4 friends walking from Argentina to Brazil with the objective of raising approximately $30,000 to build a water well in Bahia. My friends purposely change their daily routine to follow up matches. My friends and I will have the World Cup Hang Out to support our favorite teams soon.

Yeah…the #WorldCup spirit is everywhere from online to offline. Tell me your Ole Ola spirit in 2014.

You can see the creative (as usual) Google Doodle #5: The match between Chile and Australia is below

Chile vs Australia on June 13th


And here is the bonus, the 32 facts and 32 nations from ESPN UK

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Crisis Management Lesson – US Airway case

#ThrowBackWednesday last week I had a talk with my professor after more than 3 hour exhaustive final exam with the consumer behavior class. Dr. Stone and my friend mentioned about SouthWest airline. SouthWest’s policy is to encourage its flight attendants to entertain their customers as much as they can. My friend said they sang to update the flight announcement, and they communicated in the most interesting and unexpected ways in the world. This brings me to the similar human centered strategy that JetBlue used to develop. It seems that U.S airlines are struggling to increase the customer service after scandals in airline industry. You may remember the tweet from U.S Airways posted in April, 2014. Yes, that topic never dies and U.S Airways as well as any other business playing in the social media arena has to aware of this. What can we learn from that story? My suggestions are inspired by Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite.

  1. Response as fast as we can. Delete the offensive message. Say “sorry” and “the investigation is conducted”. Be ready to response 24/7 if we don’t want our business gone away one day as fast as we can. Keep a close eye on sudden change in SM analytic numbers.
  2. Detailed different accounts with different permission. Of course, the senior social media staffs have totally different ways to manage the corporate account from the juniors or interns. A message pop u to ask “Are you sure?” never wastes your time as long as it supports the security of the corporate brand.
  3. Use filter tools like we swipe away spam emails.
  4. Set your personal account with informal styles different from the business account with formal
  5. Never stop training yourself with social media webinars and turn the learning into instinct. Sometimes the nerd moment happens when our brains are off. We are better get ready for it.

When crisis takes place, I am the one who desire to delete it as quickly as I can. But let think about how it goes viral at a higher speed than how we realize it is virus. Well, there should be something more than that. This time we learn. Next time we do. It’s better to be prepared. Share with me your crisis management that you used to experience in the below comment.

For Ryan Holmes’ article, you can read it here.


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21-Day Challenge to be Happy

Why has to be 21 days? Well, HappyIn21 said it takes at least 21 days to make a habit and my choice for the habbit is feeling happy.

We can find many suggestion online. Two basic ways to create such a positive habit include 21 day challenge and 3 things to be grateful for every day. I took the 21 day challenge since I was sure that I could conquer it easily.

Here are the 21 challenges.

#HappyIn21 Challenge

In fact, it is easier to say than do. Until I let the ball rolling, I understand there is no force to earn the happiness until I really want to earn it in the natural ways. Of course, once in a blue moon we have a bad day and would like to play Bad Day song by Daniel Powter on and on… and on. But what are we doing that for? Maybe I did it because I thought it would release my negative energy as quickly as I would like the bad thing goes away. I hoped the negative feeling would somehow transfer to another form and fade away in the way that I did not care. It works occasionally, but it left a bad result after that. I hurted my beloved people and the negative behavior directly pushes my supporters away. Luckily, it did not harm anyone. Phew.

I believe I cannot expect anything from the outside until I change something inside. As a result, I love the 21 day challenge. It delights my day in the way that I feel when I have one more dollar in my saving account. I did it continuingly since some challenges are really tough. The toughest one? It is Day#18: Selfie with a Stranger. At the beginning, I thought s/he must be the one I saw the first time, and I had to take the photo with that person right away. I did try and I looked like a nut when breaking the ice during the conversation. So, my tip to overcome that challenge is to find people you have seen a couple of times but never have a chance to talk to.

My additional advice for you before you decide to take the challenge is you should take your time and take it easy. Moreover, you should take advantage of any unexpected things happening to us since everything happens for a reason. You can choose to temporarily do nothing or instantly do something, but at least show your care about that. This challenge is one of the ways that I try to convince myself what I can do.

Now, sharing your tips and learning from the challenge in the comment below. I am sure that every one would like to listen from you. Here is another sharing from Happier CEO Junior. Enjoy


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5 challenges to run a commercial UAV

There are numerous challenges to run drones in commercial business. Below are my top 5 challenges.

  1. Weather. Don’t underestimate our Mother Nature when she can take part in our business. Imagine flying a machine with the limitation in view, the chance of being out of control will increase.
  2. Authorities. We have to admit that legislation and rules can hurt the business. There are still many things to do, so before we want to enter the games, let’s learn what the rules are. Moreover, each place has its specific rules. Don’t forget to live global but think local. So, keep an eye on FAA and its policies for specific industry. A violation can lead to the loss of $10,000 okay?
  3. The change in fuel price. Obviously, no one wants to run the business with the financial risk. Although drones generate less gas emission to the environment and more fuel efficiency due to the smaller proximity, we as business owners should track the fuel market frequently. Or, drones should be used in sustainable energy source.
  4. FAA puts the safety first. We don’t want to put it second. The emergency situations should be considered. Maybe technological combination between sensors and topographic map of Google applied for its self-driving cars can reduce the risk. In other words, the drones themselves can depend on motion to identify whether there are many human beings underneath to slow down the speed.
  5.  Privacy respect. It is hard for anyone having the power of technology to control and be alert about privacy all the time. The public are really sensitive to the leak of personal information. To make sure we play the games fair enough, let’s respect the information that we have and know our responsibility and keep in mind what our business is about. For example, using drones as a tool in filming industry does not mean we are paparazzi.

In general, it is quite similar for companies like Amazon to run a drone as a tool to deliver products or service to customers. The main point is that if any business owner is aware of those challenges and willing to deal with those challenges, nothing can prevent a useful tool or technology to be adapted in the market.

Well, that is my sharing. Let’s share your thought at the comment section below. I am more than happy to listen to you.